Theme Semester Student Project Gallery


An idea, topic, and aspiration that connects people across academic, political, and everyday spaces. Though a seemingly universal concept, the term is inextricably bound to political and cultural contexts that make it difficult to define: What kinds of (in)justice exist? What injustices should be addressed?  Whose definition of justice should prevail?

The theme of the inaugural Fall 2020 College of Arts and Sciences Theme Semester is “Justice”. Theme Semester 2020 offers opportunities for students, faculty, and community members to engage in debate, inquiry, and conversation about issues of justice relevant across arts and sciences disciplines—from social inequality, electoral politics, criminal justice, land use, biomedical innovation, and climate change, to health, immigration, international relations, law, language, ethics, and economics.

Visit our gallery showcasing samples of student projects and research centered around justice, or check the calendar to join us for a live or virtual event!

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