Women’s Suffrage

The Women’s Suffrage Movement: The Good, the Bad, and the History

Emily Vitkus

In this project, we will examine the women’s suffrage movement and the 19th amendment. We will take a look at how the movement got started, what societal expectations were placed on women before and during the movement, and what strategies the suffragists actually used to advocate for women’s voting rights. After this, we’ll cover how the 19thamendment was ratified both nationally and on the state level, and then we will investigate both the positive and negative aspects of the women’s suffrage movement and 19th amendment. This will be an overall historical and social investigation of the movement and how it affected America. 

Hi everyone! I’m Emily Vitkus and I’m a sophomore Pharmacy major. I am from St. Charles, Illinois, which is about an hour west of Chicago. I chose this topic because social justice and equality are really important to me, and history is extremely interesting to me. I hope that you can all take something away from it and that you enjoy it! But besides my project, some fun facts about me are that I love to read and bake, I know way too much about Star Wars, and I love old music or just vintage things in general.