Theme Semester is an initiative coordinated by the Office of Undergraduate Studies. Each fall, faculty and students from across the College of Arts and Sciences spend the semester exploring ideas related to a single, intellectually engaging theme, bringing together work from across the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural and mathematical sciences. The ultimate goal is to enrich the educational experience of students both within and outside the College of Arts and Sciences.

Climate can refer to any region of the earth; the prevailing atmospheric phenomena and conditions of a country or region; and the mental, moral, and emotional environment or atmosphere prevailing in a body of people.

Fall 2021 Courses

Fall 2021 Theme Semester features over 30 different course offerings, including several Course Development Grant award winners*. Work from several of these courses will be featured in our Gallery throughout the semester.

  • AFAM 397 / SOCY 398: Unpacking Whiteness
  • ANTH 381 / WGST 381: Gender and Globalization
  • ARTH 321: History of Northern Renaissance Art
  • BIOL 570: Principles of Ecology
  • BIOL 571 / ENVR571: Conservation Biology
  • CHEM 542L: Physical Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHEM 623: Introductory Environmental Chemistry
  • CRJU 591 / AFAM 397 002: Miscarriages of Justice
  • ENGL 102: Anthropocene Composition: Climate Changes, Climate Crises
  • ENGL 439: World Literature and Global Climate Change*
  • ENVR 501 / GEOG 510: Special Topics: Socionatural Coastlines
  • FAMS 310 / GEOG 310: Special Topics in Popular Media: Climates of Disasters – Science Meets Cinema
  • GEOG 105: The Digital Earth
  • GEOG 202: Weather and Climate
  • GEOG 380: Global Geography of Human Rights
  • GEOG 573: Climate Change and Variability
  • GEOG 735: Seminar in Political Geography
  • GEOL 325: Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Basins
  • GERM 295 / ENVR 295: Green Technology in Germany*
  • HIST 360: Into the Wild: Conservation Since 1800*
  • ITAL 398: Adaptability and Sustainability in Italian Food Systems*
  • LING 305 / WGST 389: Language, Gender, and Sexuality
  • LING 305: Ethics in the Language Classroom
  • MSCI 311: Biology of Marine Organisms*
  • MSCI 599: The Science of Climate Fiction*
  • MSCI 750 / GEOL 750: Advanced Analytical Methods: Chemical Climate of the Urban River
  • MSCI 752: Marine Biogeochemistry
  • PHIL 370: The Ethics of Climate
  • RUSS 319: 19th Century Russian Literature in Translation*
  • SCHC 311: Tracking Climate Change: Discovering the Mathematics Behind Weather and Climate
  • SPAN 575 / SPAN 783: Ecological Cultural Studies in Latin America

Previous Theme Semesters

Galleries from previous theme semesters are available to view in the Archives section of the navigation menu.