Theme Semester is an initiative coordinated by the Dean’s Office and the Incubator for Teaching Innovation. Beginning in Fall 2020, faculty and students from across the College of Arts and Sciences will spend the fall semester exploring ideas related to a single, intellectually engaging theme, bringing together work from across the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural and mathematical sciences. The ultimate goal is to enrich the educational experience of students both within and outside the College of Arts and Sciences.

FALL 2020

Justice is an idea, topic, and aspiration that connects people across academic, political, and everyday spaces.


Fall 2020 Theme Semester features over 30 different course offerings, including several Course Development Grant award winners*. Click a linked course from the list below to view featured student work in our Gallery.

  • AFAM303 / ANTH231: African American Cultures
  • AFAM397 / CRJU563: Race, Crime, and Criminal Justice
  • ANTH204: Plagues Past and Present
  • ANTH212: Food and Culture
  • ANTH227: Forbidden Archaeology: Fantasies, Frauds, and Mysteries of the Human Past
  • ANTH244: American Indian Nations Today
  • ANTH280 / LING205: Cross-Cultural Communication
  • ANTH291: Humans Going Nuclear: Atomic Bombs, Cold War, and the Fallout
  • ANTH357 / LING340: Language, Culture, and Society
  • CHIN398: Justice/Zhengyi: Cross-Cultural Understanding Between China and America
  • CRJU101: The American Criminal Justice System
  • CRJU554 / WGST554: Women and Crime
  • CRJU591: Miscarriages of Justice*
  • ENGL432: Young Adult Literature
  • ENVR348 / AFAM348: Environmental Justice*
  • GEOG105: The Digital Earth: Maps and Justice
  • GEOG228: Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • GEOG310: Making Geography
  • GEOG321: Sustainable Cities*
  • GEOG344: Geographies of American Cities
  • GERM598 / SCHC453: Pandemics in Literature
  • HIST463 / AFAM463: Jim Crow: Histories and Revivals*
  • LING305 / ENGL439: Language and Racism
  • MATH399 / 599 / SCHC311: Voting and Elections: Theory, Mathematics, and Social Justice*
  • PHIL370: Climate Change and Columbia
  • PHIL370: Special Topic: Money, Logic, and the US Constitution*
  • PSYC589: Psychology of Hate, Prejudice, and Discrimination
  • SOCY357: Sociology of Education
  • SOCY504: Social Stratification
  • SOCY507: Sociology of Social Control
  • SOST302: The 20th Century American South
  • WGST298: Harassment and Consent
  • WGST300 / SOCY301: Sex and Gender
  • WGST309: Sexual Diversities (Introduction to LGBTQ Studies)
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